Copper Mountain, CO (Feb 2018)

Copper Mountain, CO (Feb 2018)

Yo, I'm George

Life experience is what I'm all about. A play/musical/show? I'm in. Try something I haven't done before? Absolutely. On my own or with a companion, I'll try anything twice. I set a lifelong goal to see the entire world. Inch by inch, I'm closing in.

I started spending my expendable income on travel in my early 20's. I started small, spending weekends on couches across the US to see the country. I loved it so much, I made travel part of my career. I work as a consultant in the IT field. A little infrastructure, a little strategy. Chicago is home, arguably the best city in the union and it's central to everything. 

My intention is find a common ground with you. To inspire you. To share my experiences with you to motivate you. Go out into the world and create your own adventures. Perhaps we will cross paths


All photos taken with iPhone X.